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The gentle glow of a candlelit Tipi Tent on a balmy night in Ibiza draws you irresistibly through the door so enticing is its promise of relaxation and calm.  A chill out in the very midst of the party and yet somehow separate – a cocoon where up to 15 people can take time out without missing out, the candlelit Tipi is an oasis.

For night time events we recommend our Tipi Tents for the simple practicality of there being no guy ropes to trip over in the dark.  For events in the daytime, the Bell Tent reigns supreme.  This is the only tent with sides that can be rolled up to allow a shady breeze within.  Both offer a circular space of 5m in diameter and come equipped with our sumptuous and colourful Moroccan paraphernalia

A 5m Bell Tent or Tipi Tent Chill Out is for up to 15 people

€ 630 weekend / € 890 per week


 An Emperor Chill Out is for up to 20 people

€ 930 weekend / € 1380 per week


Children and teenagers love our tents and, although it might be expressed differently, for pretty much the same reason: it’s a place of their own to share with friends.  And we love to go that extra yard when setting up a Bell Tent or Tipi Tent for the young, whether it’s a den for the teens or a fun-filled party palace.

A Den for Children or Teenagers

From €530 per  weekend / €780 per week


Prices range from €250 – €1380 per week (put up and take down included)

Contact: Mark: +34 687123216 / Ayelen: +34 630225174
or email belltentibiza@gmail.com for more information.