Tents for Kids

This was the original inspiration behind Bell Tent Ibiza, a ‘Crash Out’ for Children

About to get married on a cliff top near Portinatz in 2009, we really wanted all of our friends, many of whom had young children with them, to be able to party with us all night. We had already lived for 6 months in our own Bell Tent whilst building our eco-lodge in Morocco and wished we’d brought it with us for everyone’s children to play in at first, then crash out in right there amongst the trees. In the end we bought two more tents and it worked beautifully: the kids slept while yards away their parents got down to some serious boogie. Bell Tent Ibiza was born.

Children’s Playroom

A Bell Tent stuffed full of balloons, crayons and other goodies is the perfect way to keep everybody happy. They have somewhere to run riot and it’s not under your feet or around the wedding cake. We can even arrange a clown or face-painting artist to keep them enthralled. And when it all gets too much they are all there, curled up under blankets and duvets, happy and safe while you strut your stuff.

€ 530 weekend / € 780 per week

A Den for Children or Teenagers

Children and teenagers love our tents and, although it might be expressed differently, for pretty much the same reason: it’s a place of their own to share with friends. And we love to go that extra yard when setting up a Bell Tent for the young, whether it’s a den for the teens or a fun-filled party palace for under-fives.

Birthday Tent


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